We are hands-on professionals who understand your business needs and get the job done effectively and efficiently;

About Anquet

Anquet Construction Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a civil and building construction company based in Johannesburg. Our diverse portfolio encompasses construction of commercial, government infrastructure, industrial and residential projects. Our method of exploiting pure project and construction management principles and blending them with sound construction expertise enables us to revolutionize the method of undertaking construction projects.

Making the most of today’s demanding business environment requires more; more than project teams, more than software tools and definitively more than the way things were done before. And, it’s more than just surviving. It’s about being effective. We provide an unmatched combination of knowledge, skills and experience through the right people, processes, and strategy to put you in control of your projects.

Anquet Construction Solutions (Pty) Ltd can provide you with:

  • Hands-on professionals who understand your business needs and get the job done effectively and efficiently;
  • Cost effective project management processes and techniques that are tailored to satisfy your requirements;
  • The expertise you need to develop and implement practical project management control systems whether you needs are high-tech, low-tech, or somewhere in-between.
  • Anquet Construction Solutions (Pty) Ltd believes in the 3D philosophy, being

  • Dedication
  • Discipline
  • Delivery
  • Anquet Construction Solutions (Pty) Ltd is a level 1 BBBEEE Contributor.

    Our History

    Anquet Construction Solutions (Pty) Ltd was originally formed in 2003 purely for Construction and Project Management. However, through our extensive experience in Construction and Project Management, we subsequently identified the need for quality construction by experienced personnel within the industry, especially previously disadvantaged companies. In 2006 the company then undertook to concentrate on all construction management and construction projects..

    The intellectual resources of the Anquet Construction Solution have a history of performance and a level of shared experience that has been harnessed from individuals who have been in the industry for more than 30 years. The experience and physical capabilities provide the chemistry for unparalleled service innovation.